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Kuk Sool Won of West Oxfordshire Martial Arts Academy is licensed and registered by WKSA. Instructors are DBS checked.

Within a safe and professional training environment learning Kuk Sool WonTM is fun for children, adults and the family, as well as promoting health & fitness it will enhance co-ordination, confidence and self-discipline. Through regular practice students will develop strength, agility, improve balance, timing, flexibility and coordination. Consistent practice will enhance circulation and digestion, reduce back and joint problems, aid in weight loss and help to develop and maintain a youthful appearance.

In Kuk Sool WonTM mental training it is crucial as the body is not strong without a strong mind therefore, training acknowledges the "whole" student, not only the physical one. Martial arts training are different to most sports which concentrate on physical conditioning. In Kuk Sool WonTM, students can expect to be physically stronger, more flexible and healthier overall. In addition to the physical aspects that training can bring, Kuk Sool WonTM provides training for the mind; you will exhibit better levels of concentration, more self-control and self-discipline, accounting for a calmer disposition. Since Kuk Sool WonTM incorporates both physical and mental training, the "whole" student - body, mind and spirit is strengthened resulting in harmony, good health, and mental well-being.

Sound too good to be true? Contact us and come along for a free training session to find out for yourself.

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